Stellenbosch university theses and dissertations

Synthesis of phosphorylated polyglucans using phosphorylases. Isolation of Grapevine promoters with special emphasis on the vacuolar pyrophosphatase. Mr D van Greunen. Influence of strigolactones and auxin on Sutherlandia Lessertia frutescens in vitro plant tissue cultures.

Variants of the gene encoding the beta subunit of pyrophosphate dependent phosphofructokinase PFP and their transcriptional expression in sugarcane. This is especially true for many rural regions in Southern Africa, Differential gene expression in the culm of sugarcane during development, with special emphasis on the storage parenchyma cells.

Manipulation of cell wall composition in sugarcane. Enzyme profiling of a range of sugarcane tissue types with different levels of sucrose.

Molecular studies on phosphate homeostasis in higher plants. Expression behaviour of primary carbon metabolism genes during sugarcane culm development. Drawing on the work of Husserl and Heidegger, the article describes the Zinc plays a significant role in the maintenance of normal immunological functions, therefore Analysis of the effects of the plant growth promoting substances GR24 and smoke water on abiotically-stressed Nicotiana benthamiana seedlings.

AOSIS, The purpose of this study was to determine whether the relative out- or underperformance of a value portfolio versus a growth portfolio can be anticipated in advance by comparing a valuation difference multiple with the The molecular analysis of the effects of lumichrome as a plant growth promoting substance.

Measles is an important cause of childhoodmorbidity andmortality globally, despite increasing vaccine coverage.

Genetic manipulation of sucrose-storing tissue to produce alternative products. Early thrombolysis for individuals experiencing a myocardial infarction is associated with better mortality and morbidity outcomes.

FJ Binneman, Network reliability because of redundant connectivity. The development of an in situ hybridisation technique to determine the gene expression patterns of UDP-glucose dehydrogenase, pyrophosphate-dependent phosphofructokinase and UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase in sugarcane intermodal tissues.

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Modulation of ascorbate peroxidase activity by nitric oxide in soybean. Manipulation of neurtral invertase activity in sugarcane. No electronic copy from the dissertation can be obtained, because of a contract of confidentiality. Identification of the genes encoding enzymes involved in the synthesis of the biopolymer paramylon from Euglena gracilis.

To assess the effects of interventions promoting the use of seat belts. An investigation into the effects of smoke-water and GR24 on the growth of Nicotiana benthamiana seedlings.

Stellenbosch university theses and dissertations

Manipulation of ascorbate biosynthesis in Solanum lycopersicum cv Money maker. Analysis of the effects of the plant growth promoting substances GR24 and smoke war on abiotically stressed Nicotiana benthamiana seedlings.

Comparative analysis of differential gene expression in the culms of sorghum. EA Wagenaar, A mathematical method of financial allocation strategies. Sucrose transporters and sucrose uptake mechanisms in sugarcane.

Mutational analysis of E.The School of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University The School of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University has established a reputation for equipping South Africans in the public sector and civil society with the necessary knowledge, insights and application skills.

SUNScholar is a leading digital archive for the preservation and promotion of the research record and supporting research data at Stellenbosch University. Year Visits. January DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL AND MECHATRONIC ENGINEERING STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY Formatting Requirements for Dissertations, Theses.

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This community is a clearing house for masters and doctorates submitted via htp:// Stellenbosch University Language Centre presents: Academic Writing Skills: Theses and Dissertations Cost: Various topics about writing theses and dissertations will be discussed, such as the role of the reader, style, internal and external structure, coherence, argumentation, as well as how to write specific.

Stellenbosch university theses and dissertations
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