Sports broadcasting reinforces gender stereotypes and homophobia media essay

For example, a man may be unable to operate a washing machine and a woman comes over and shows him how to use it with so much ease. Mauresmo challenged the sexualised hyper-feminine players who had become so popular in the media with her muscular physique and aggressive playing style.

One of the most common misconceptions when talking about sex and gender is that they are synonymous.

Masculinity and Sports Media

Our single page application website ensures a supreme speed of all your operations. Female athletes do not fit in the very narrow boundaries set by the newspaper so seem to be omitted from the publication almost entirely.

Females learn at an early age that their purpose is to physically appeal to a man. Women, on the other hand, are rarely seen as an authoritative figure.

Kournikova was rarely mentioned without an allusion to her beauty and sexual attractiveness and it was not uncommon for tennis to be almost completely ignored in media coverage of her. Stevenson has a similar notion, saying: The stories described the match and how the youngster had shocked Williams.

On the other hand, in sports programs commercials for things such as beer, vehicles and property are run because the audience for such programs are mostly men.

In fact, the media is simply another form of free speech, and is actually doing nothing wrong or out of its power. It suggests she is unfeminine because of her physicality and her sexuality and almost seems to propose that she is being deceitful and her prowess is fraudulent because of her alleged masculinity.

These two stereotypical gender definitions are not entirely separate entities. As well as being exposed to media featuring women with a lack of power, young females are also exposed to media with an extreme vanity appeal.

Emily Davison throws herself in front of Anmer at the Epsom Derby. Learn With Us We want to take you on a journey through the other side of the creative process: Men are often portrayed as commanding and authoritative.

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Since the majority of sport reporters are male who are taught and socialized on what is means to be dominant, masculine and heterosexual, then their perceived notions of superiority will influence their story writing in order to protect their dominance in sport and sports reporting.

Weiner, Harvey and Nora S.

Sports Broadcasting Reinforces Gender Stereotypes And Homophobia Media

Women are slowly gaining leading roles, and it is not uncommon to see men and women depicted as equals, working along side each other in equally challenging settings. These gender-bias and homophobic teachings could cause the reporter to minimize or criticise those that challenge their dominance both in sports and sports reporting.

Their word is final.

Gender Stereotypes on Television

However, on one particular day, out of the eight newspapers studied, there was only one story on female athletes. This has changed very little over the past century and seemingly will not change unless the social make-up of those involved with sports media changes.

As Lines points out: The hegemonic traits of aggression and competitiveness are some of the key components of the sporting culture so hegemony is actively encouraged within sport, which of course leads to the exclusion of femininity and females.

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Ballantine Books, Sexual Stereotypes in the Media: All other mentions of women in the sports pages of these publications were confined to some sort of celebrity gossip. There are a few sports reporters who have emphasised that the negative attitude within the sporting community and the media about gender and gay athletes are detrimental to the athletes.

Kournikova was a household name around the world despite failing to maximise her potential on the court whilst Mauresmo was a six times Grand Slam singles champion and world number one but did not receive the adulation she deserved.

This dependence reinforces the idea that women are weak and men are strong. This stereotype becomes embedded in the human mind, and is passed on from generation to generation as an acceptable view of male and female gender roles.Gender Roles and the Media was posted by Jay on April 2nd, I am one half of the creative force behind Dototot.

I am one half of the creative force behind Dototot. I'm a writer, web programmer, composer, designer, and video editor with an interest in all things digital media.

Women And Homophobia In Sports Media Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Huge strides by the male gender are being made to exercise the appreciate women's roles in sports.

An example is the men's wrestling and rugby teams at Northeastern University organize an annual breakfast in honor of National Girls and Women in Sports. Sports Broadcasting Reinforces Gender Stereotypes And Homophobia Media Essay add:/ Views: 1 Sports and sports media have been one of the 'last bastions' of heterosexual masculinity in today's society and, thus masculinity and heterosexuality remains in control of the sporting environment and of the men and women who.

The papers theorises that sports media coverage reinforces gender stereotypes and homophobia. One of the most common misconceptions when talking about sex and gender is that they are synonymous.

This assumption is not only prevalent in sports and sports broadcasting but it is also a problem with gender researchers (Lorber,Chapter 2). Gender stereotyping in television commercials is a topic that has generated a huge debate and it is an important topic to explore to find out how gender roles in voice-overs TV commercials and the type of products they are selling to the public are related.

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Sports broadcasting reinforces gender stereotypes and homophobia media essay
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