Song dynasty scrolls analysis

For several centuries the Chinese economy had grown spectacularly: Their presentations must have 8 slides, with music or sound, slide transitions or other effects. Students will present their PowerPoint Presentations to the class. The students will analyze the piece Qingming Shanghe Tu and will identify the different elements of that piece as well as the materials that were used to create it.

Once you scan your art and they are saved as jpegs, you will place them into a PowerPoint Presentation that will have slides including a title slide and 2 imported slides. Communication and Collaboration c 3. The population grew rapidly during this time, and more and more people lived in cities.

They will be allowed to choose and work with different materials. The focus of the scroll is near the center, where the Rainbow Bridge stretches across the river.

Certain physical characteristics of their culture? The Song system of government was also advanced for its time.

5-meter long ancient scroll painting is one of the most precious treasures of China

Understand art as a powerful tool to represent, identify and preserve different cultures Teaching and Learning Activities: There are carts, sedan chairs, chariots, men leading oxen and yet more beautifully rendered buildings and trees. The bridge scene where the crew of an oncoming boat have not yet fully lowered their sails and are in danger of crashing into the bridge Outside the city proper separated by the gate to the leftthere are businesses of all kinds, selling wine, grain, secondhand goods, cookware, bows and arrows, lanterns, musical instruments, gold and silver, ornaments, dyed fabrics, paintings, medicine, needles, and artifacts, as well as many restaurants.

People from all walks of life are depicted: Digital Citizenship b Significant Concepts: Also on sale are bows and arrows, ornaments, paintings, medicine, needles and dyed fabrics. How were social differences depicted in scrolls?

This version, shown below, was later moved, along with many other artifacts, to the National Palace Museum in Taipei in Central to its engagement with the outside world were efforts to maintain peace with its powerful northern neighbors and extend its trading networks.

How did he convey his message? They will save five websites. Also they will discuss their findings about the elements that an art piece has for it to become representative of a culture, and they will present the art piece they chose that represent their own culture. Teaching and Learning Activities: How are the scrolls from different societies alike?

There are many more ideal cities.

Bookmarks, notes and discussion participation. People and commodities are transported by various modes: Were the images factual? The students will be required to keep notes on the websites that they bookmark and use the notes to participate in a discussions.

China in 1000 CE

What are the elements that an art piece has to have, in order to become representative of certain culture? All presentations will be saved to the teachers jump drive.

Multimedia production for classroom presentation, Days The students will use two days create a PowerPoint presentation using their scanned work and the images that they Song dynasty scrolls analysis on the Internet. You will create two artworks that depict people in everyday life.

Multimedia production for classroom presentation, Days The students will use two days create a PowerPoint presentation using their scanned work and the images that they found on the internet.People lined up to wait for six hours to see one of China’s most famous artworks, an exquisite 12th century scroll painting depicting the Song Dynasty capital of.

Along the River During the Qingming Festival, The Song dynasty original and the Qing versions, in the Beijing and Taipei Palace Museums respectively, are regarded as national treasures and are exhibited only for brief periods every few. During the early Song dynasty, visions of the natural hierarchy became metaphors for the well-regulated state.

At the same time, images of the private retreat proliferated among a new class of scholar-officials. These men extolled the virtues of self-cultivation—often in response to political.

The Song system of government was also advanced for its time. The upper-levels of the government were staffed by highly educated scholar-officials selected through competitive written examinations. Why else is the Song Dynasty so significant? After the Southern Song Dynasty resumed the painting art department, Li Tang was recommended and entered the painting department to be awarded the position of Zhong Tang is a master of landscape painting, changing the method of.

Qing Ming Shanghe Tu. show the beauty of the Song Dynasty at all levels and lifestyles along the river. The city depicted in the scroll is thought to be Northern Song’s capital Bianjing, now known as Kaifeng.

Descriptive Analysis Scrolls allow the ease of transference of information whether it be in writing or painting. The beautiful.

Song dynasty scrolls analysis
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