Should teenagers be drinking coffee

Most would likely agree that an addiction to anything is not ideal, especially in childhood. What can parents do? It makes us more alert and helps us to stay focused. In many cases, energy drinks are marketed to teenagers.

Probably the most uncontroversial ideas include the benefits of caffeine that can help students stay more alert during schoool hours as well as re-fuel and re-energize for sporting events and practices.

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And, when you consider that Americans are currently consuming around million cups of coffee every day and a growing percentage of that number is being consumed by teens, the numbers are a bit staggering. Coffee apparently contains some antioxidants, polyphenols and other chemicals that are beneficial for the body.

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People drink coffee for its physical effects, as well as for the social aspect, and teens can also benefit from indulging in coffee responsibly. Excessive intake of caffeine can result in increases in heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety, headaches, sleep disordersand nausea. Schools around the country have begun offering coffee bars to increase revenue for the school, teach students how to run a business, and also offer them a social outlet.

Coffee is a vessel for empty calories in the form of added sugar. Teens who enjoy the social benefits of coffee drinking can switch to decaffeinated versions of their favorite beverages to keep their consumption at a healthy level.

But what are the risks associated with teens drinking coffee and should we be promoting "coffee bars" in schools? What are your thoughts? At low levels, caffeine can help increase alertness and focus.

The main downfall is that coffee has caffeine, a stimulant, which can make it an addictive substance. However, we need to remember that caffeine is a stimulant and that there are associated risks to the adolescent brain and body.

The headaches, upset stomach and irritability will peak within two days and disappear entirely in a little more than a week. Yet this can happen if coffee is consumed excessively, regardless of age. It needs to be regonized as a drug.

The Bottom Line of Coffee and Teenagers When it comes down to it, there are undeniable positives and negatives for both sides of the argument relative to coffee and teenagers. Share your thoughts, who knows, you might just get us to put your input into a new article.

For example, cola-based soft drinks are common caffeine sources for youngsters, as are energy drinks and even iced tea.Is Coffee Healthy for Teens? by SARAH COLLINS Oct.

Should teens be drinking coffee?

11, For some, the whole purpose of drinking coffee is to help stay awake. For teens who consume three to four cups a day, however, coffee could interfere with the deep sleep necessary to promote brain development, reports a study published in in “PLOS One.” Founded: Jun 17, Drinking coffee is a social activity, and coffee shops are often hubs of activity for teens and young adults.

Coffee is a healthy drink in moderation, although fancy coffee-based concoctions may contain a lot of sugar, fat and calories.

Drinking too much caffeine is also linked to nicotine use in teens, which contributes to the endless cycle of disrupted sleep and stimulant use. Caffeine recommendations for teens Caffeine intake of mg a day — the equivalent of less than 8 ounces — for children and adolescents has not shown adverse effects.

Jun 25,  · Isaacs said she has coffee at home as well. When asked if she drinks it because she likes the taste, the girl shrugged. "I dunno, I just drink it.

Ask the Experts: When Can Kids Start Drinking Coffee?

Everybody does." To teenage girls, it may seem cool to drink coffee, but one recent study shows that the morning ritual may lead to more than a caffeine addiction. Should teenagers drink coffee? We break down what you need to know to help your kids make healthy choices about caffeine. Most parents know caffeine is bad for children.

What's the Right Age: Drinking Coffee

Teens are drinking more coffee every year and continually starting at a younger age. Powerful Statistics According to the American Dietetic Association, when it comes to teenagers drinking caffeinated beverages, the number has tripled since the 's. It also reports that teens purchasing coffee in cafes or restaurants jumped by 12% last year.

Should teenagers be drinking coffee
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