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HMRC do not advise areas for tax relief. Does a Self Assessment even apply to you? The tax year for ended April 5th, and there are two key dates that need bearing in mind: For more information on who must complete a self-assessment, please get in touch below.

There are two ways to complete your self-assessment tax return — downloading, printing and filling in SA paper form or filling it in online through the HMRC website. Consumer awareness group Which?

In order to complete and file your return, you will need to sign up for an online account on the HMRC website. HMRC self assessment deadline: Login The Self Assessment tax return deadline is looming, as the 31st January creeps ever closer.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal the number of workers registered as self-employed at the end of August reached 4. It already inserts some information — state pension, underpayments and certain national insurance contributions — into the online self-assessment tax return.

Anita Monteith, technical manager at ICAEW, the accountancy body, urged people Self assessment paper return deadline this position to phone HMRC as soon as possible to register for online filing, but said there was no penalty for late registration.

Payments are due by midnight on 31 January and 31 July. Visit the HMRC website to see the services which are compatible. Over the next fortnight or so, millions of taxpayers will get to grips with the annual chore. How to complete your self-assessment tax return online.

Ms Monteith said that a potential pitfall for those submitting after January 31 would be to file a return by post. Taxpayers can also call the HMRC helpline on This date allows for online submission only; there is no opportunity to submit your return on paper by this point.

If employed or a company director for a limited company, you may also need: Filing your tax return Once registered, the next step with HMRC is to complete the tax return form and submit it.

The documents relating to employment income are the P60 statement — a summary of income and tax deductions issued to taxpayers at the end of a tax year — and the P11D, which details expenses and benefits paid to employees.

Tax software Arguably the best way to meet the Self Assessment tax return deadline is to take advantage of tax return software: What happens if the deadline is missed? Tax does not have a reputation for generating excitement, but last year more thantaxpayers left it until January 31 — deadline day — to file their tax returns.

Who needs to self-assess online? You may need to complete a self-assessment tax return if you: First, taxpayers need to be registered for HMRC online services. For new filers, the formal deadline for signing up for self-assessment for was October 5.

Related articles HMRC self assessment deadline: Here, GoSimple tell you everything you need to know about the Self Assessment tax return deadline and how you can take the right steps to fill it out accurately and successfully.

However, any income outside of PAYE must be declared via a Self Assessment form, which needs to be filled by the person who generates the income. You should have also received your Unique Taxpayer Reference UTR ; this information is vital for filling in your tax return.

How much longer will filling out these forms be necessary? This year, some taxpayers will find that details of their gross pay are filled in, while pensions and savings income are expected to be added over the next couple of years.

But with the clock clicking on the Wednesday January 31 deadline timing, can you still fill out the forms online tonight? But it says the excuse must be genuine and it might ask for evidence.

If you are planning to send your return via paper, you must post it directly to HMRC.

Self Assessment Deadlines

As a self-employed person you need to register for self-assessment as a sole trader. This is your final opportunity to send your self-assessment to HMRC, and it must be filed by midnight at the latest. Investments into enterprise investment schemes and venture capital trusts — both government-approved schemes to encourage investment in small companies — qualify for income tax relief at a rate of 30 per cent, subject to the relevant conditions being met.

HMRC is starting to fill in some of the details on behalf of the taxpayer. You must do your utmost to meet the deadlines unless you believe you have a valid reason for filing a late return.

Taxpayers with more complex arrangements, including the self-employed and those with taxable gains to declare — such as property landlords — are obliged to submit a self-assessment return.The tax return deadline for taxpayers who continue to submit paper Self-Assessment returns, is 31 October Late submission of a Self-Assessment return will.

Watch video · HMRC self assessment deadline: Can you still fill out your tax return form online? THE HMRC self assessment deadline is looming and millions of.

Self-Assessment Deadlines Loom

Thereafter, you may only file your return online by 31st January at the latest. 31st January. If you miss the paper return deadline, there is a second date to complete your return by.

HMRC self assessment deadline: Can you still fill out your tax return form online?

This is your final opportunity to send your self-assessment to HMRC, and it must be filed by midnight at the latest. If you have manually submitted a paper return after its due submission date do not then submit the return online and hope to avoid the penalty charge as HMRC will accept only the first return So for example - Rashid sends in a paper /18 self assessment tax return on 30 November The deadline for submitting your self-assessment tax return on paper is midnight 31 October Those choosing to file a paper tax return must fill.

31 October is the Self Assessment deadline for the tax year if you want to file a paper return rather than filing online. However, most businesses find it easier to file their tax return online - and under the government’s Making Tax Digital plans, filing paper returns may not be an option from April

Self assessment paper return deadline
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