Persuasive essay on the merits of ddt

Even with these negatives, the use of DDT has been helpful with the dramatic fall of the mosquito population, and the pesticide has been widely recognized as one of the best poisons to occur to save the human race.

First, it was very cheap, so they were able to get them easily, anywhere. If the animals are exposed for a long time, they may eventually die or become extinct.

Insects were not only increasing in nu mber, but became more resistant to the pesticides, which meant that it took more time and more DDT to kill them off. They said it was interesting too, how they were both good and harmful to the humans and the animals at the same time.

DDT pollutants cause reproductive ailments to the wildlife populations. The harm that DDT causes to both humans and our ecosystem makes it one of the least viable options in mosquito control. Global warming has caused Antarctic ice to melt releasing toxic compounds, such as DDT, which were previously trapped in the ice.

Humans have destroyed more of Earth than mainly any other species. The species of birds affected by this compound may thus find itself at the blink of extinction. Also, our body and the body of other animals were not capable of breaking down the pesticide, making us to store it in our fat, meaning storing toxic in our body.

We had some interesting opinions of this topic. In birds, the compound blocks calcium absorption, which in turn causes them to lay imperfect eggs, which have thin shells. The new pesticide however, causes much less damage to the sourrounding envirnoments.

It can cause liver damage including liver cancer, birth defects, reproductive complications, as well as breakdown of the nervous system. One may think that we could just easily change the location of dumping after the revival of DDT, however, how long would it take just to relocate the pesticide and how much DDT would be created in this time span?

It was loved by everyone, including the farmers, for DDT made a great increase in the amount of crops they yielded, but decreased the diseases, such as malaria or typhus.

DDT may be known as some great for the short run, however, the Earth will most likely fall to its demise faster. These eggs then break before they are fully formed Our mission and history.

The treaty was against the use of DDT chemicals as insecticides. There was a concern about the long-term effect on the environment around it too, for the pesticide stayed for a long time, not disappearing easily.

However, we need to destroy the problems at the roots; we need to destroy some of the human race. However, as the time went by, they soon discovered a bad side of it.

An ecosystem is essential to support the Earth and its inhabitants, however, some inhabitants are harming the Earth, like humans. The numerous detriments of using DDTs should be voiced internationally to point out the need to eradicate the compound entirely. Most of the people said that it is good that they got rid of DDT, for it was harmful to humans.

So why not use Malaria to kill some of the population? These compounds have found their way into organisms such as penguins affecting their body metabolism Stemp-Morlock, However, some countries still use DDT compounds as insecticides to control insects such as mosquitoes during Malaria outbreaks.

Humans have polluted the air and the water, have deforested many times, over-exploited a lot of other species, and we even use our resources to help ourselves without benefiting the environment. When the war was over, it was used for the purpose of agriculture.

However, Malaria has been prevented in the past with the help of the pesticide DDT. Malaria is mainly contracted from mosquito bites, and approximately million cases of Malaria are recorded per year. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

The sea floor was covered with tons of DDT waste, causing many sea organisms to be harmed. An example would be the land near the Channel Islands. DDT should stay banned since it causes major risks on our marine ecosystem.

However, after it was discovered, it cured many of the civilians and armies in World War II.DDT has both advantages and disadvantages that cohere to its history. The advantages being that of controlling malaria and other insect causing diseases. Meanwhile, the disadvantages are that of harming animal populations, specifically the marine community and birds.

Not to mention causing cancer in humans. The history behind DDT is rather. DDT is an abbreviation used for dichloro-trichloroethane, a controversial organic compound in the recent times.

It is an effective insecticide, but its high toxicity levels are harmful to other living organisms. The ban in the U.S.

DDT Be Banned essay

was the first of many. Soon, many of the more wealthy nations of the world, the nations capable of DDT production, placed bans on the chemical for fear of the threat to the environment that it could cause/5(10). DDT and The Environment: The Effects on the Ecosystem As earth's population grows so does the demand for food, and the use of pesticides has become essential in meeting this demand.

The first important synthetic organic pesticide was a chlorinated hydrocarbon, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane or DDT. DDT should be used as a control mechanism against malaria as long as the activity of spraying is closely monitored and contained.

DDT should not be used as the only answer to solving the problem of malaria but should play an important role. Persuasive essay on the merits of DDT. of the leading causes of death among some of the poorest countries of the world?

Heart disease? Malnourishment? AIDS? Here's one you may not have said: Malaria. Every year, as many as million people die as a 3/5(2).

Persuasive essay on the merits of ddt
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