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Though Swanson was not seeking a comeback, she was intrigued when Wilder discussed the role with her. The term noir is French for dark. When asked if Sunset Boulevard was a black comedyhe replied: The audience reacted with laughter and seemed unsure whether to view the rest of the film as drama or comedy.

Mayer berated Wilder before the crowd of celebrities, saying, "You have disgraced the industry that made and fed you!

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The filmmakers approached Greta Garbo, but she expressed no interest. But much of the music is essentially recycled. Again with no seams showing. He calls Norma "young fella" as he had called Swanson. He remarks that the story is narrated by a dead man whom Norma Desmond first mistakes for an undertaker, while most of the film takes place "in an old, dark house that only opens its doors to the living dead".

Wilder and Brackett then visited Mary Pickford, but before even discussing the plot with her, Wilder realized she would consider a role involving an affair with a man half her age an insult, so they departed. He was enthusiastic about the script and eager to accept the role.

They were considering Fred MacMurray to play opposite her as Joe. The publicity helped attract people to the cinemas, but in many provincial areas it was considered less than a hit.

Jenkins and his family lived in it for just one year, then left it abandoned for more than a decade, which earned it the nickname, the "Phantom House". The similarities ended there. He recalled first wanting Mae West and Marlon Brando for the leads, but never approached either with an offer.

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He had also been commissioned to complete the interior design for the homes of movie stars, including the house of Mae West. As set to music here, it actually comes off as a cross between Evita and Phantom of the Opera, with an unsympathetic female star at its center and a backstage story.

Wilder replied, "you know, just your standard monkey funeral shot. He contacted Pola Negri by telephone, but had a difficult time understanding her heavy Polish accent. With the advent of the star systemluxurious homes noted for their often incongruous grandeur were built in the area.Lyrics to "The House On Sunset" by ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER.

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Girl Meets Boy

Various Artists Sunset Blvd. Cd 1 The Perfect Year Norma:Ring out the old Ring in the new, A.

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Oct 16,  · SCHWAB'S DRUGSTORE (Girl Meets Boy) - 2nd Sydmonton Workshop HouseOnSunset. (Sydmonton Lyrics on BBC Encores in the early 80's) Sunset Blvd - The Lady's Paying (Glenn Close).

At Artie's party he again meets Betty, whom he learns is Artie's girl. Betty thinks a scene in one of Joe's scripts has potential, but Joe is uninterested.

Sunset Boulevard received 33 votes in the British Film Institute's Sight Look, I made a hat: collected lyrics () with attendant comments, amplifications.

13 days ago · Photo courtesy Kinya Christian In all s musicals, boy meets girl, boy loses girl. In "Sunset Boulevard," struggling scriptwriter Joe Gillis (Brandon Hamilton) meets ingenue script editor Betty.

Sunset Boulevard Girl Meets Boy lyrics & video: Joe Girl meets boy, that's a safe beginning Betty It's nearly closing, I thought you weren't going to show.

Joe So did I, I fel.

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Girl meets boy sunset boulevard lyrics
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