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I noticed the pupil completely failed the percentages part of the paper.

Educational Psychology

Pupils need to know how they are progressing and appreciate being involved in discussions about their own learning. When pupils are involved in assessing their own performance, they can often provide teachers and teaching assistants with insights into their own learning.

Good organisational skills and the ability to praise pupils are essential. The students do not cope well with self-assessment; they have not got a long concentration span and poor resilience. It is clearly evident though that this has not taken place because black learners, especially in the rural areas are not receiving the necessary quality education that they are entitled to.

It identifies where they are in relation to this aim and how to achieve it. Not interested in maths, you know where you going- hairdressing, How are you going to get there- by working with the tutors and taking notice Educational psychology 4 essay the maths class. This can be done by completing an observation sheet or orally.

Teachers need to be equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to carry Educational psychology 4 essay their roles appropriately and confidently. If there are more than two criteria make them very specific. The Journal of Social Science, 28 2 Managing training and development in South Africa 5th ed.

This could also include observing each child within the classroom setting and seeing how they respond and react within that classroom environment. This encourages the pupil to take responsibility for their own learning and for the teaching assistant to support and translate the teaching.

Pupils with do not feel part of the learning process may develop low self-esteem, become disengaged and lose interest. Not only do teachers need to be given more time to plan their teaching activities but they also need helpers or additional teacher assistants also called classroom assistants who can support them in teaching a diversity of learners as well as support from specialized people for advice and guidance Landsberg, Some children may be resilient to such conditions and view them as opportunities to learn, instead of viewing them as barriers to learning.

Many schools in the rural areas still lack basic facilities such as running water, toilets, desks and electricity Seroto, Do they want to redo the learning activity? Although many students are found in primary schools, and although this level of education is less expensive than secondary or tertiary levels, the financial support for it has steadily decreased Tedla, They may have to alter the pace of the learning to suit every learner so all are given an opportunity to revisit parts of indecision.

The students were not very motivated and I explained the importance of these topics to achieve their hairdressing diploma as well as in everyday life. What can be done to challenge the pupils more and did I question them correctly.

This enables students consider their work at each stage. This was as a result of the closure of most mission schools and teacher training facilities in which forced all teacher training into racially separated government training colleges, geared to extending the mass base of Bantu Education Douglas, How they gave feedback to pupils.

The definition of assessment for learning — it is the process of seeking evidence, interpreting for use by learners and teachers to decide where the learners are up to in their learning and where they need to go and how best to get there. The classroom walls are described as raw and bare. But I do continually positively encourage it.

I discovered that the key words on each question, for example, compare, contrast, analyse, justify etc the students did not comprehend. Their own personal standards of achievements must be measured against their previous record and not compared to other learners.

Educational Psychology and Learning

This helps motivate them and to promote confidence and self-esteem. They desire to have desks, chairs, picture books and many more resources. It is a sad fact that at this young age, these children have been denied the opportunity to the basic necessities of life.

As a pupil looks at their learning they will begin to know what they need to improve on. To worsen the situation some schools are built only of mud Finnemore, Another way of supporting learners is to allow them to keep a journal, in which they can keep a note of their learning and own personalised targets.

Educational Psychology and Learning Teacher The role of the teacher is to examine and calibrate the progress of each pupil which they are responsible for.

I was asked by the Tutor to observe a student who was completing a ratio booklet and report to her verbally on her progress. They desire to have toys but because their parents are unemployed and the school cannot afford to provide them with these toys this is not a reality for them.

The teacher plans the lesson and schemes of work as well as directs the class. This helps to promote their own personal development through self-realisation, self-development and self-enhancement to become active, responsible, self-motivated learners.

The subject teacher usually collates pupils with the same ability and personalised learning goal so they can work together and their needs tailored as a group.Mar 09,  · Educational Psychology is the branch of psychology that specializes in understanding teaching and learning in educational settings.

Historical Background The field of educational psychology was founded by several pioneers in psychology in the late ninteenth century just before the start of the twentieth century. The study of Educational Psychology pairs the science of psychology to educational practices and provides teachers with evidence-based knowledge to support their day-to-day decision making in the classroom (PowerPoint, Mullin).

Therefore, it is no surprise that many educational psychologists focus 4/4(2).

[tags: Educational Psychology Essays] Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Educational Psychology - Research in psychology is necessary for the education system to properly understand and teach students who enter their classrooms. Teachers need to understand the development of these children in order to address behavior that may be.

Educational Psychology Essay

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Educational psychology 4 essay
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