Durum wheat thesis

Glutograph stretch time was positively correlated with die pressure and specific mechanical energy and the glutograph relaxation was positively correlated with the rate of pasta extrusion.

Genetic variation in tolerance to the osmotic stress componentof salinity stress in durum wheat

Changes in mixing time affect the number of loaves that can be produced, which would be an economic concern of the commercial breadmaking industry. Strong gluten semolina required more specific mechanical energy to be transferred to the dough during extrusion and resulted in a higher temperature of extruded spaghetti than did weak gluten semolina.

Malondialdehyde content was measured as a determinant of oxidative stress. Effect of particle size and sample size on lipid stability of milled flaxseed Linum usitatissimum L. Results from experiments conducted to determine the effect of ozone treatments on flour and dough properties were completed and published.

The effect of break-roll speed differential on semolina ash content, protein content, color, mixogram parameters, and starch damage was similar for weak and strong gluten cultivars. Approximately 16, hectares were planted to HRWW in North Dakota in the autumn ofcompared to an average of 75, over the last 10 years.

In addition, research designed to evaluate the effects of ingredient hydration and extrusion screw speed on extrusion properties and physical and cooking qualities of pasta was continued from last year.

The end use quality of newly released durum cultivars is much better than older cultivars and these new cultivars are being adopted by durum growers as evidenced by the decline in acres of older cultivars and increased acres planted to new cultivars.

NC Grain Quality Newsletter.

It was determined that probes that compressed the cooked pasta tended to be better at determining cooked firmness than did probes that sheared the pasta.

Results were disseminated through peer-reviewed journal articles, abstracts of presentations given at national and international meetings, pasta short courses, trade publications, reports and published thesis and dissertation. Durum wheat is primarily grown under rainfed conditions where episodes of drought and heat stress are major factors limiting grain yield.

Although cooking loss during parboiling was greater for samples with low than high falling number, preharvest sprout damage had little or no effect on the color, weight or firmness of frozen spaghetti cooked in a microwave oven.

In the fourth experiment, an association mapping experiment for cell membrane stability at the seedling stage as a proxy trait for heat tolerance was carried out by means of association mapping.

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Ball M Salinity tolerance in the mangroves Aegiceras corniculatum and Avicennia marina. Experiments were conducted to determine the effectiveness of six texture probes in measuring cooked firmness of four pasta shapes.

Durum wheat producers, millers, processors and graduate students. Download 2MB Anteprima Abstract Durum wheat is the second most important wheat species worldwide and the most important crop in several Mediterranean countries including Italy.

We are confirming the location of this QTL in the other two populations. Microbial counts were determined for refrigerated pasta. This information is used by durum producers when they select cultivars for planting. Carotenoid pigment content was determined using the water saturated n-butanol method MethodAACC Molecular genetic analysis of nuclearcytoplasmic interactions in durum wheat.Abstract.

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Wheat kernel hardness is a major quality characteristic used in classifying wheat cultivars. Differences in endosperm texture among Triticum aestivum L. or between T. aestivum and T. turgidum L. ssp.

durum cultivars profoundly affect their milling behavior, the properties of the obtained flour or semolina particles, as well as the. WHEAT. PRODUCTION. GUIDE. and durum jumped prior year’s poor yields. Hard red winter wheat is up %, hard red spring is up %, and durum is up 6%.

World wheat production is projected down over last year by 5% or 36 million metric tons to million. Major wheat exporting countries have experienced shortfalls leading to a drop. Canadian Journal of Soil Science,91(4):Nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc management effects on grain yield and cadmium concentration in two cultivars of durum wheat.

Can. Effect of nitrogen fertilization on the cadmium concentration in winter wheat grain Uppsala Sweden Licentiate thesis.

Enhancing the Sustainability of Global Durum Wheat Production Sustainability of Global Durum Wheat Production Primary Breeding Objectives Continued Progress in Yield Potential (vs.

Bread Wheat) Disease Resistance Sybil Herrera (PhD Thesis), Ravi Singh, Julio Huerta. AN ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS OF Andre Cunha Rosa for the degree of Master of Science in Crop Science presented on January 4.

Title: Pre-harvest Sprouting Tolerance of a Synthetic Hexaploid Wheat (Triticum. Durum wheat prices and the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGE) hard red spring wheat futures are highly correlated; thus, each year’s regional durum price is compared with the MGE hard red spring wheat futures prices to compute an annual ratio.

Durum wheat thesis
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