Comparative analysis of sbi icici bank

The data used for the study was entirely secondary in nature. Satisfying customers is the key to retain them for a longer period. Zeithml V, Bitner MJ.

Comparative Study of Training and Development of Sbi and Icici Bank

It may be possible that the data shown in the annual reports may be window dressed which does not show the actual position of the banks.

The formation of new private banks and entering of foreign banks has marked improvement on customer focus, technology orientation, customized banking, increased numbers of products and services and more competition.

Ratio Analysis was applied to analyze and compare the trends in banking business and financial performance. Other years are indexed with the base year.

While studying individual balance sheet, each items has studied over a period of time. State Bank of India is mammoth in size, numbers of branches and ATMs, best in managing sources of capital; balance sheet depicts the better future ahead.

Businesses are striving to increase their performance. The State Bank of India major uses of funds is loans and advances average Journal of Marketing Research. SBI has Rs The research is descriptive and analytical in nature. SBI should enhance physical evidences to provide better services.

The compounded growth rate of SBI is They need to keep a close eye on the satisfaction level of customers. The banks are spending a lot of time and energy to frame polices about customer satisfaction.

ICICI has profound control over its operating expenditure. Banks has witnesses illustrious good and worst happening in past and has to witness in future also. SBI seemed successful on managing and crafting current liabilities as major sources of capital all the years.

To overlook banking industry in Indian scenario. This article limits itself to discuss only the basic concepts on employee engagement based on recent literatures.

a comparative analysis of sbi and icici bank - indian research journals

Interest Expenses to Total Expenses 3. Comparative Table Comparative table are constructed using vertical and horizontal analysis.


It helps in better understanding of banks financial position, growth and performance by analyzing the financial statements with various tools and evaluating the relationship between various elements of financial statements.Comparative analysis on Service Quality of ICICI and SBI bank in Rajapalayam Taluk – An Empirical Study mi-centre.comi Pappammal1, mi-centre.comran2 mi-centre.com3, To analyse the service gap between the customer perceived and.

Axis Bank chief executive Shikha Sharma and ICICI chief executive Chanda Kochhar have gone from being icons of the banking sector to targets of serious allegations and criticism.

Here is the detailed comparative analysis of Axis bank and ICICI bank' performance in last ten years under Shikha Sharma. The State Bank of India was constituted on 1st Julypursuant to the State Bank of India Act, (the "SBI Act") for the purpose of creating a state-partnered and state-sponsored bank integrating the former Imperial Bank of India.

Contents SBI v/s ICICI Analysis & Interpretation of Services Analysis of Performance of ICICI Bank & SBI Major Findings Testing of Hypothesis CHAPTER 6 COMPARISON BETWEEN ICICI BANK AND SBI. Comparative Analysis of SBI and ICICI Bank concludes that SBI is performing well and financially sound than ICICI Bank but in context of deposits and expenditure ICICI bank has better managing efficiency than SBI.

Financial Performance of State Bank of India and Icici Bank – A Comparative Study 17 reforms a number of private and foreign banks extend the .

Comparative analysis of sbi icici bank
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