Character sketch writing activity for 3rd

She always supports me in everything I want to do. By this time, students were able to fill out the graphic organizer while I read, and we would stop periodically to share our discoveries.

Independent Practice Students applied what we had practiced together during independent reading using the graphic organizer. My friend Liz is a true best friend. They looked fantastic displayed out in the hall.

You might cut and paste it into a Word document and provide a copy for each student, or print out this lesson and photocopy the sketch below onto an overhead transparency.

The silhouettes had been done by student partners as part of their science unit on light and shadows. Students then used sticky notes to jot down any traits they discovered during their independent reading time over the next two days.

I tell my students that a character trait is the way a person or a character in a book acts: One night, we rented three movies and watched all three while we ate popcorn, cheese and crackers, and a whole box of chocolates.

I really like when she does silly things. What follows is the sequence I used this year to teach my students about character traits during our readers workshop.

I jotted down page numbers to emphasize that evidence must come directly from the text. On our chart paper, we named characters and then traits they exhibited.

The character sketch form below provides a simple outline for a character sketch. A good character sketch provides support detail for each identified trait.

We discovered it was too tough to categorize some traits, so we created the neutral zone for them. Please let me know in the comments below how you teach character traits to your students.

But I can still hear the sound of her voice and ask her opinion on the telephone! Digging Deeper Once students have a general knowledge of the different types of traits that exist, it is important to move deeper in order to activate their thinking.

Keywords characterization, character sketch, writing, expository writing, character, graphic organizer Materials Needed a "model" character sketch -- text provided below a copy for each student, or an overhead projector to display the model to the entire class The Lesson In this lesson, students write a character sketch about somebody they know well -- for example, a parent, best friend, relative, or neighbor.

Emotions are usually fleeting feelings that may be due to an outside force, such as good news.

Teaching Character Traits in Reader's Workshop

I have created a different sheet for each comprehension strategy as well as for partner reading. There was rich discussion between my students as to whether some words were true character traits or passing emotions.

List the Traits Armed with a piece of chart paper and a marker, I ask my students to tell me all the different character traits they know. These stories have clear examples that allow students to easily draw conclusions about compassion, integrity, pride, responsibility, bravery, perseverance, slyness, and many more traits and emotions.

We gabbed about everything and even imagined what it would be like to live like some of the characters in the movies. Students use these sheets when I want them to delve deeper into their characters after reading. She also trusts me to give her my honest opinion and to say what I feel.

For each trait or characteristic, the writer provided at least one detail that supported -- served as proof -- that Liz possessed that trait. To help deepen their connection to traits, I asked my 3rd graders to look at the list and choose ten words they best felt described themselves.At this point, students begin to analyze their characters and provide text evidence that helps them infer or draw conclusions about a character’s traits based on what the character says, thinks, feels, and does.

Character Traits Worksheets Recognizing character traits in literature is an important skill that students can develop as part of reading comprehension. Understanding the character's actions and thoughts helps them to better understand and appreciate the the story.

Use other graphic organizers to compare characters in the same story or different stories (Activity Masters CSS3 and CSS4).

Discuss the perspective of two characters regarding an event (Activity Master CSS5). Use a 3-way Venn diagram to. Creative Writer Worksheet – Character Sketch (PDF) You may have written a character sketch for a fictional person before, but how about for someone from your real life?

Try filling in this character sketch worksheet to gain a deeper understanding of people you love, hate, or feel indifferent towards. Reflect: Character Quiz. In this activity, student will create an interactive character quiz online. To create an online character quiz, teachers can use the following websites: Playbuzz; GotoQuiz; Quiz works;.

Character Traits Worksheets

The Common Core State Standards require third graders to describe the traits, motivations and feelings of characters in stories. Teachers help children differentiate emotions, physical traits, and character or personality traits, such as curiosity, grouchiness, honesty, sensitivity, kindheartedness or clumsiness.

Character sketch writing activity for 3rd
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