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Without opportunities for training, mentorship or development in place and a willingness to invest in staff, organisations can struggle to retain employees. Where employee engagement and PDP diverge Top-level employee engagement strategies go beyond these factors, being embedded in company-wide culture that includes trust, a positive working environment and collaborative, flexible styles of working.

How to get a fair deal in the sharing economy Employers face the prospect of increasing competition for the top talent, as the labour market shows the sharpest decline in the availability of suitable candidates since When this happens both employers and employees can feel more assured that they are getting value from the training and development opportunities that are the bedrock of traditional PDP.

If PDP works hand in hand with a culture of engagement it is worth the effort, with research showing that companies with engaged employees outperform others by per cent.

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According to Investors in People, regular, constructive feedback which includes both positives and negatives is essential to ensuring that employees feel engaged and understand what is required of them. In turn, trust feeds into wider company culture.

This is particularly true when they are given the chance to contribute their ideas or ask questions. This is the perhaps unsurprising conclusion made by the Association of Talent Development ATP who found that after surveying their employees, UK companies realised they needed to improve this in order to raise engagement levels.

Are employee engagement and PDP converging?

Where might this lead? It also sets up an environment where good quality feedback can be given and received. This is particularly true if PDP is addressed through six monthly reviews, rather than more frequent feedback and recognition.

When time for reviews and performance planning comes around the most appropriate options can be picked up, although needless to say companies need to walk their talk. As 21 per cent of SMEs anticipate recruiting additional staff members this year, being able to improve employee retention could save companies from an expensive, time-consuming recruitment process.

Employee Engagement

Where PDP and employee engagement converge Employees who are engaged are employees who are happy with their career and personal development. Building mutual trust between employees and management goes far beyond even the best professional development schemes.In the world of employee engagement, “purpose” is an element organizations should also be paying attention to.

business journalist Susan Price wrote: These mirror ways organizations drive purpose and engagement. Beyond that, the Olympics have a stated international goal of driving peace and unity among all nations which aligns the. number of participants from to more than is testament to the commercial significance of employee engagement as a business driver.


It seems fitting that we have taken the opportunity to delve deeper into both the cultural characteristics and EMPLOYEE. / Are employee engagement and PDP converging?

17 November | Author: Sarah Willis Employee engagement is the buzzword du jour in HR circles and it’s touted as a solution to some of the most pressing recruitment and retention issues confronting businesses, including the.

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Employee Engagement Employee Support Is Strong for Closing the Gender Pay Gap. business leaders can become understandably.

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey Report. Executive Summary.

Olympics helps boost employee engagement

Purpose of Report: Gallup has collected and studied more than 25 million responses to its twelve question employee engagement assessment from business, industry, education and a host of other work environments. Business units scoring in the top quarter on engagement (compared with those in the bottom quarter) had lower turnover and absenteeism, less employee theft, fewer employee and patient safety.

Business reporter employee engagement 2012 olympics
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