Btt theory practice

Helps to acquire the knowledge on the rules and regulations of providing chauffeured car service using a Taxi. I had to pass to move on for my TP. I did Btt theory practice ready study the materials provided but I had try the mock up test on TP Tests and remember the correct answer from there and I pass.

My first few attempts on this test application were horrendous; I only had questions right. During the theory tests, several close options will be given to you. I have uploaded the notes as jpg form. I was able to revise my knowledge with this convenient way, regardless in the washroom, public transport or before I head to my lala-land.

If you need a brief summary and overview of what FTT will be about, I suggest you to read on this from Kukudrivers. I thought your site was really clean and easy to use. People are using TP Tests to increase their chance of passing the theory tests on the very first try.

Once again, you will be given a choice to purchase the FTT guide book and trial test S.


I have heard of people failing FTT for times! Yes, it states sure pass but dedication and commitment depends on individual efforts. It is mandated that taxi driver must take the most direct route to complete the taxi journey with commuters onboard and will only be paid according to the taximeter at the end of the journey.

Theory test should be easy right?

Basic Theory Test Free Trial

I passed the tests already. If you follow these steps well, I promise you that all questions in your FTT will just be a breeezzzzzeee for you! Help full for your support. Energise our team to provide more questions for free.

Do continue to increase your question banks. This is all about integrity. Buy us a coffee Energise Coffee will keep us awake to make this site better.

I passed my retest yesterday. Till next time, bye guys! The waiting time for FTT is similar to BTT, at least months, thus definitely enough for revision and memorization.

As time goes by, I was able to finish my 50 questions within 10 minutes with passing marks! Thank u so much. It will be good for you to save the image and print them out for easy reference. Things got much better since I saw a path as to what to do and how to pass.

I did the 50 questions section at least 5 times a day; talk about commitment.

Welcome to Singapore Driving Theory Tests (BTT/FTT/RTT)

This time round, I did pay for a trial test because I was too afraid to fail. Remembering the actual demerit points then to memorize Btt theory practice will help you pass your PDVL.

It was smart for the practice to be marked question by question and the mock exam to be marked at the end of the paper. You must choose the right option. I failed 3 times for paper Of course, you must do it till you pass consistently!

Thank you for supporting us! It was extremely helpful. You really have to memorize the notes and apply them while doing your questions through the application.Btt Chou Chapter Six Theory To Practice  Theory to Practice Law 3/31/ Theory to Practice Big Time Toymaker (BTT) develops, manufactures and distributes toys and board gamAn inventor named Chou created a board game called Strat.

Chous invention caught the attention of BTT and they sought out to negotiate with the time of communication between both Chou and BTT. You are required to apply for Theory Trial Test (2X Practice sessions) and (1X Theory Trial Test Mode and Passed) before applying for your BTT, FTT & RTT.

Applying of FTT & RTT is allowed only after you have passed the BTT. Description. Basic theory test Singapore, practice and learn BTT on the go with free trial Singapore driving theory test questions, it is never been that easy to prepare and pass the TP BTT test and learn for your diver's 0.

Subscribe and get unlimited access to the Basic Theory Test (BTT) / Final theory Test (FTT) questions and choose up to questions at a time to practice. Try Now. Register Now to enjoy 20 Questions for FREE. Theory to Practice Law 3/31/ Theory to Practice Big Time Toymaker (BTT) develops, manufactures and distributes toys and board games.

An inventor named Chou created a board game called Strat. TP Tests is a driving theory test practice site for Basic Theory Test (BTT), Final Theory Test (FTT) and Private Hire Car Driver Vocational Licence (PDVL) questions to get driving licence in Singapore.

Btt theory practice
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