An introduction to the issue of violence in hockey

This paper focuses on the way that A fractured skull and brain damage caused Green to miss the entire —70 season. Constructing Early Modern Tennis. Bertuzzi was charged by police and given a conditional discharge after pleading guilty to assault causing bodily harm.

In minor hockey, it is customary for body contact to begin at the Pee-Wee level agesbut this varies in different countries. Other incidents include the December 12,event when Eddie Shore rammed Toronto Maple Leafs star Ace Bailey from behind, causing Bailey to strike his head on the ice; Bailey never played hockey again.

Don Cherry, a popular fighting proponent, goes as far as arguing that without fighting there will be more violent stick episodes in hockey because the lack of retribution Rumak, Former NHL tough guy Jim Thomson wants fighting out of hockey What happened to Parros raises the issue of good sportsmanship and controlling your temper and having zero tolerance for violence in professional sports.

Discuss the enforcement of rules with the coach prior to the start of the hockey season. In both cases, the accused assailants were acquitted, but these and other bloody incidents led to calls for the sport to clean up its act or be banned along with the likes of cockfighting.

Ciccone assaulted him after entering the penalty box where Ghavameddini was photographing the game from. This combined with the argument that fighting helps hold players accountable and regulate even more violence from occurring on the ice, helps proponents build what North American sport has shown a stubborn resilience in maintaining its "squeaky clean" image despite the fact that fan disorders occurred throughout the twentieth century, continue to show signs of consistency But you can reduce the violence in hockey and keep the injuries to a minimum.

History of criminal charges on ice.

Speaking out against violence in hockey

Fighting in Hockey Hockey fights have been around since the early years of the game. A brief history of stick violence. It was found that Billy Coutu was the first, and to date only, player banned from the NHL for life for violence in ; he assaulted referee Jerry Laflamme and tackled referee Billy Bell before starting a bench-clearing brawl during a Stanley Cup game between the Boston Bruins and Ottawa Senatorsapparently on the orders of Bruins Head Coach Art Ross.

Because of the acceptance and regulation of fighting among influential governing bodies such as the NHL and the KHL, a path has been opened for approval of aggressive styles of play and violent behaviour which players usually have no choice but to exploit.

The hit led to a minute bench clearing brawl.

Athlete Aggression on the Rink and off the Ice

Boulerice was charged with assault as a result of the incident. He was charged with assault, but acquitted. Despite a consensus among Canadians that hockey is too violent; little has been done to reduce the amount of physical contact and fighting in the sport.

We were watching it on TV. In JanuaryDavid Johnstonthe Governor General of Canadasaid that violence such as headshots, high-sticking and fighting should not be part of the sport.

The verbal assaults against me began soon after.A study cited in the "Canadian Medical Association Journal" noted that there is a growing issue around concussion in minor league hockey and stated that 45 to 86 percent of all injuries in youth hockey in North America are related to body checking.

Hockey Violence: A Test of Cultural Spillover Theory

This study was a test of cultural spillover theory as it applies to hockey violence. Based on data from a representative sample survey of Toronto hockey players and a comparison group of nonplayers, we tested the proposition that violence in hockey "spills over" into violence in other social settings.

Violence in Hockey

Five former college/professional hockey players were interviewed to determine their perspectives on the nature of aggression and violence in sports competition as well as in social informants were asked aboutathletes’violence and aggression toward.

In this article, we examine the proposition that criminal prosecution of sports participants could provide an effective remedy to the problem of sports violence.

Violence in ice hockey

Section One surveys the widespread violence that has permeated most major sports and explains how sports violence adversely affects the public interest.

The Violence in Hockey. 1, words. 3 pages. The Rise of Violence in Sports and What Need to Be Done About It An Introduction to the Issue of Violence in Sports in the United States.

2, words. 5 pages. A Look at Violence in Sports and Its Causes 1, words. 4 pages. An Introduction to the Issue of Violence in Sports and Aggressive. Violence has been a part of ice hockey since at least the early s. According to the book Hockey: A People's History, in alone, four players were killed during hockey games from the frequent brawls and violent stickwork.

An introduction to the issue of violence in hockey
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