5 paragraph essay on elderly driving

Confidence is key for seniors when taking a driving test. Most seniors have little to no knowledge of modern-day technology and take the computer test. If the senior had gone into the test after knowing the physician was going to file a favorable report, he or she would have been more confident and done better during the test-taking.

The fact is that their lack of driving finesse is not only affecting them. Steve Wallace offers a simple solution to that problem.

These issues increase with age and the additional tiredness while driving can seriously affect their judgment. Fry, was in an accident involving another senior driver that injured her. Hundreds of people, seniors and the victims, die every day just from traveling. In a more recent study, it was found that seniors died from auto accidents in Gerson.

This senior does the same and goes into the test confused and stressed. Fatal crash rates increase starting at the age of 75 and even more so at the age of 80 CDC. Seniors need to know that there is assistance available to them, and society actually wants them to pass.

Older people have a lot of trouble actually getting to sleep initially, then staying asleep, and then having a good quality of sleep. Being tired slows down reflexes. It will only help them stay alive and keep others alive and safe longer. More than 1 in 3 elderly citizens suffer from heart disease and take medication for it.

Also last year, a senior hit the gas pedal instead of the break, slammed her vehicle into a car, and killed the other driver and a pedestrian. A solution to that problem was suggested by Shirley Bond.

If the seniors were only harming themselves, I might agree with testing-critics and say that it is their choice to get on the road.

With proper preparation, the testing process can go smoothly, and the result will be safer travels and longer lives. Other drugs cause poor judgment and foggy vision.

Just last year, according to WGRZ, an accident resulted in 3 fatalities and was caused by an 87 year old driver traveling in the wrong direction on the NYS Thruway. Because of the many health issues that generally come with age, the elderly need to take medication.

It may be considered mildly ageist, but there are solid facts relating aging to accidents. Testing is not something seniors should be afraid of. Although the health evaluation and test might be inconvenient and annoying, the amount of lives saved as a result makes the trouble worthwhile.

The negligence of the government in testing senior drivers needs serious attention in order to keep traveling as safe as possible.

A caregiver can be of great help to seniors and their families. Incorporating tests would only benefit the senior population and make sure they are fit to be on the roads. There are 33 states in the U.

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The necessity of testing senior drivers is not ageist, but grounded on age related facts on health decline that affects driving ability. Technology is also an important factor for seniors to consider when going into the driving course.Therefore a mandatory-driving test is a new protocol to curb the elderly drivers.

We are given our licenses to operate motor vehicles based on the assumption, as measured from the driver's tests that we are physically and mentally capable of driving safely under the requirements of the law/5(4). In the next 20 years the number of elderly drivers, 70 years and older, is predicted to triple in the U.


We need to keep the roads safe at both ends of the age spectrum. Nov 15,  · RE: 5 Paragraph Topics for Drunk Driving Essay? I have to write an essay about drinking and driving and it has to have 5 different subtopics. I was thinking maybe one could be the effects alcohol has on the body that lead to Status: Resolved.

Elderly Driving essays It has happened to all of us, getting stuck on a one-lane road behind an elderly woman who seems to refuse to go at least the speed limit. The issue of elderly driving has become a major debate.

This fact alone should prevent the elderly from driving. Their frail bodies wont withstand as much as a younger person’s would. Research Essay A. Planning your introductory paragraph. (1) According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration bythe very first Baby Boomers will be 65 years old.

The conversation is too uncomfortable for any child to tell their parent to stop driving. The only law added for elderly drivers is an eye test once every 5 years beginning at age Copy of English Essay 3- Elderly Dri Copy of English Essay 3- Elderly Dri The Partisan Divide.

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5 paragraph essay on elderly driving
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